Wednesday, August 10, 2011

YA Wednesday - General Winston's Daughter

General Winston's Daughter
by: Sharon Shinn

Genre: Young Adult
Rating: 4 stars

Averie Winston, daughter of the great General Winston, is tired of staying at home while he goes off to exciting places. So she and her guardian travel to join him and her gorgeous fiancĂ© in the exotic Chiarrin.  She comes expecting a fun and tame adventure. However she discovers that the Chiarizzi are not at all happy with the occupation and there are rebels everywhere. Not only that her fiancĂ© - the seemingly perfect Captain Morgan - isn't all that she thought him to be. 

I like how this had obvious ties to the British occupation of India and other countries.  It brings up thoughts on occupation in general and how those who are being occupied might feel about the situation.

At first glance it feels like just another female coming of age in a foreign culture. Shinn does a wonderful job in creating a new culture that is detailed and complete. Everything from food to fashion to religion is covered without feeling like the reader is being overwhelmed with the information. So I was up for another fun adventure story. 

Then it took a twist.

The ending made the novel take on a new depth in it's social commentary and perhaps is one of the most substantial novels written by this author. Anyway - I love it, and would definitely recommend it to all of my friends who are looking for a read that is not purely fluff but not too dense to handle.

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