Friday, August 12, 2011

Fluffy Friday - Head in the Clouds

Head in the Clouds

by Karen Witemeyer

Genre: Chick-Lit, Historical Fiction, Christian Romance
Rating: 4 stars

Adelaide Proctor finds herself in Texas following her Prince Charming, little does she know that he is really not the man she imagined him to be. With no job or other prospects she jumps eagerly at the chance to be a governess and tutor for a young Isabella, the mute adoptive daughter of British rancher Gideon Westcott. Gideon had come to America in the hopes of making something of himself and was given the charge of Isabella on the ship over. Far from the grasping hands of her uncle both Adelaide and Gideon believe themselves safe; little do they know that trouble is coming for them.

I really thought this was marvelous chick-lit. I give my ratings based on their genre and this one did its job marvelously. The characters were endearing and believable for the most part and I thought the writing style far surpassed in what can be found in Chick-Lit these days. The Christian aspect was balanced well, adding to the story rather than distracting you from it. 

Gideon was a perfect gentleman that women everywhere would swoon for and thankfully Adelaide deserved him. She was intelligent, and from her interactions with Isabella it showed that this author has actually interacted with children. it could be because I have so many dealings with them myself but when a writer writes children in I pay close attention to how they behave and most of the time they are either too young or too old for what their supposed age is. Here Isabella character perfectly suits her.

For those of you looking for some sweet summer reading this would be the perfect thing for a lazy afternoon or two. 

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