Friday, August 19, 2011

Fluffy Friday

Courting Miss Amsel
by: Kim Vogel Sawyer

Genre: Chick-Lit
Rating: 3 Stars

Summary from Goodreads:
Edythe Amsel loves her first teaching assignment - a one room schoolhouse in Walnut Hill, Nebraska. She has big plans for her students and intends on their receiving a fully rounded education. Unfortunately her ideas just may be too much for this town to handle
 Joel Townsend is thrilled to learn the town council hired a female teacher to replace the ruthless man who terrorized his nephews for the past two years. Having raised the boys on his own since their parents' untimely deaths, Joel believes they will benefit from a woman's influence. But he sure didn't bargain on a woman like Miss Amsel. Within the first week, she has the entire town up in arms over her outlandish teaching methods, which include collecting leaves, catching bugs, making snow angels, and stringing ropes in strange patterns all over the schoolyard. When Edythe decides to take her pupils to hear Miss Susan Anthony speak on the women's suffrage amendment, the town's outcry reaches new heights. Even Joel isn't sure he can support her newfangled ideas any longer.

I liked Edythe as a character, her love of teaching and of children was obvious and her creativity in regards to teaching methods was fun to read about. Also learning about her less than happy family life and how it affects her throughout the novel was a nice little part of it as well.

The plot was a bit predictable and I wasn't entirely hooked on the characters change of attitude at the end of the novel but it was good for its genre. This novel is exactly what you expect it to be. It's light and sweet with little bits of history thrown in here and there good for a day when you want a good story without having to think too hard.

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