Saturday, October 13, 2012

It's time for another readathon!

Sadly while today is Dewey's Semi-Annual 24 hour read-a-thon life has other plans for me so I will have to be checking in and out a lot. But I am excited to do what I can. I have a bunch of homework that I'm hoping to catch up on - Bleak House, Moby-Dick, and Heart of Darkness for starters - but I am going to try and sneak some good stuff in there as well. I have the Mistborn Trilogy out on loan from a friend so this is going to be a very good day.

Loves to you all, Happy Reading!


  1. Hope you have a chance to get some reading in for fun--I'll be cheering you on! #cheertamales

  2. Best of luck getting through your homework! Enjoy your day!

  3. Sometimes life does that to you, like me this time around I'm not even signed up to read but I am here to cheer. Go Go Go!! #cheertamales

  4. Same here - we have friends coming from out of town, so my readathon time is limited. Hopefully you'll get some reading time in too! #cheerTamales

  5. Thanks All! I get a little break right now and then it's go, go, go until around 11 then I can do the final 9 hours or so! Oh how I love today.


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