Wednesday, July 27, 2011

YA Wednesday

by: Joan Bauer

Genre: Young Adult
Rating: 4 stars

It is hard to be a quiet person when your entire family isn't. Ivy Breedlove is peace-loving individual in a family of lawyers. Working on her family's history she tries to find out more about her aunt Jo, a recluse who the Breedlove clan claims is "stuck in the backwater." This journey leads Ivy on journey to discover exactly how much strength she has inside.

Joan Bauer is one of my favorite young adult authors. She deals with real life in a way that few authors are able to manage and has created a wonderful character with Ivy.  I am a little more on the introverted side, so I immediately latched on to this shy girl. 

Her journey (a literal one not metaphoric) brings her to Mountain Momma one of my favorite characters in Bauer's books. She is no nonsense and gritty and is brimming with wise tid-bits that really have a lot more depth to them than when you first read them.

I love the realism that Bauer has, she keeps the angst out of the picture - because not every teenager is angsty and whiny so it's nice to not always have to read about them.  I would recommend this to young women (and some not so young) who are looking for a gentle read that can have them laughing and thinking in alternate moments.

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